Innovative start-up CF Global creates New Food Source From Coffee.


Innovative start-up CF Global creates New Food Source From Coffee.

A recent upcoming Seattle-based startup named CF Global has been creating out from Intellectual Ventures, with the goal of developing a market for a new product called Coffee Flour, a food ingredient derived from  discarded coffee cherries.

Intellectual Ventures, the patent holding firm and technology company, that is currently ran by a former Microsoft technology chief Nathan Myhrvold, commented that CF Global is the first spin-off from its Invention Development Fund, which will be working with outside inventors on patent and product development.

Inner Workings.

Dan Belliveau is the man behind the creation of Coffee Flour. as a previous veteran of Starbucks who is the current founder and CEO of the new company, along with another Starbucks veteran, Ken Poppe, have been leading the project at Intellectual Ventures.

“Our relationship with Intellectual Ventures, and the intellectual property strategy they implemented around our technology, has been instrumental to the formation and growth of CF Global,” said Dan Belliveau, inventor, founder and chief executive officer of CF Global. “As we move forward, we’ll continue to work closely with Intellectual Ventures to make our vision for Coffee Flour – one we feel will change the course of coffee history – a reality.”

The creation for this product is done by drying and milling the coffee cherry, the pulp is then separated from the coffee bean and is normally discarded as part of the coffee production process. Coffee Flour can be used for a variety of things, such as baked goods, pastas, energy drinks and other recipes that would normally utilize flour. Intellectual Ventures has commented that it will be providing a new revenue source for small coffee farmers.


Other partners to join in on the project have included the global coffee companies ECOM Agroindustrail Corp, NohBell Corporation and Mercon Coffee Corp. Intellectual Ventures has declined to disclose upon the size of equity investment placed in CF Global.

“Intellectual Ventures has a long history of investing in invention and working with inventors like Dan Belliveau to improve, patent, and commercialize their inventions. We believe Coffee Flour has tremendous promise,” said Ken Poppe, U.S. Country Head for the Invention Development Fund (IDF) at Intellectual Ventures. “This idea has the potential to drive significant value for nearly every facet of the supply chain – from farm to table.”

A video created by Intellectual Venture, show off more background detail on in order to further promote the company and new product.

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