InstaMD Medical Headset Nearing Its Final Stretch of Indiegogo Campaign.


InstaMD Medical Headset Nearing Its Final Stretch of Indiegogo Campaign.

The new health monitoring device that allows users the ability to record, the InstaMD Multi-Use Headset, track and share vitals via their mobile device, is reaching the final leg of their Indiegogo campaign. InstaMD, a startup company specializing in telemedicine, began their campaign on May 15 in order to secure funds for the initial production line. Potential backers of the campaign have until June 19 to donate to the campaign and pre-order their app and headset combination.


The InstaMD headset allows users to easily record and archive their vital signs and sounds. Working in conjunction with any previously owned stethoscope, the InstaMD headset provides health-conscious individuals with an in-depth health monitoring device as well as an electronic archiving system.

“InstaMD will change the way society looks at modern medicine,” says Dr. Subbarao Myla, co-founder of InstaMD. “Home health care is taking on a new meaning. Now patients can receive the same in-depth medical care they’d receive at the doctor’s office from the comfort of their own homes.”

The headset provides those with medical ailments or concerns a more convenient method of monitoring their vitals. With the InstaMD headset, patients can record and archive their vitals as often as they would like and then, by accessing the InstaMD web and mobile app, have their own personal physicians remotely access the data. In addition, patients can video conference with their physicians, making checkups much easier.

“Modern technology has given us the opportunity to do almost everything remotely,” said Dr. Myla. “We can watch our kids play sports from across the globe and we can access our home computers from anywhere that has an internet connection. Providing remote healthcare is simply the next logical step.”


Potential backers only have a limited time to pre-order their very own InstaMD headset. Those who back the campaign can pre-order their own InstaMD headset for only $85, a 15% discount off the retail price of $99. In addition to the discounted early bird price, backers can choose from special distributor and wholesale packages that include larger quantities as well as developer packages that include API access. For more information or pre-order an InstaMD headset, visit the campaign website. For more information, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @InstaMD.

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