Intel Acquires Health-Tracking Device Creator Basis Science.


Intel Acquires Health-Tracking Device Creator Basis Science.

Intel has recently confirmed that it has managed to acquire Basis Science, creators of a wearable health-tracking device, for a currently undisclosed amount. The deal as been rumored to be somewhere between $100 million to $150 million.

This continuing trend of wearable health-tracking devices and Intel’s personal own interest in supplying both the components and consumer products for a new generation of sensor-based technology devices.

Health Tracker.

Basis Science its behind the creation of the Basis, a advanced health tracking device that goes beyond other wrist-wearable fitness device, which simply track motion, by tracking the users heart rate, motion, sweat, and sleep. It uses its multiple sensors to tell the user if they are either walking, running, biking or even sleeping. And it can tell the kind of sleep the users is experiencing from a very light sleep, REM sleep, or deep sleep.

Basis has sold its device for a price of $200, which can also be used as a regular time watch, for more that a year already.

Not Just Chips.

Brian Krzanich, Intel’s chief executive said during the Consumer Electronics Show that Intel won’t be just about chips anymore. They will also begin to design and sell products on digital health. Internet based goods, and fashion markets. The deal with Basis is just the beginning of there plan.

“We get immediate entry into the market with an experienced team that has one of the leading products in the market,” said Mike Bell, vice president at Intel. “One of the really exciting things from my perspective is that, as we build software and services for this market, this gives us access to real information from someone who is already in direct contact with users.”

Chief executive of Basis Science Jef Holove, said during an interview ”You can imagine that being part of this family gives us access to resources that we only dreamed of as a startup.”

Besides their selling point of a health-tracking watch, Basis differentiates itself by processing the data that device also produces. as to provide there analytics to customers on their website. For example, the user can see how much the have either walked to slept in a single day. And Basis sets out a goal for the users to continue to improve upon, and big data so they can learn to better understand their overall health.

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