Intel Has Plans to Launch $100M Funding For Chinese Smart Devices.


Intel Has Plans to Launch $100M Funding For Chinese Smart Devices.

Devices that are backed up by ARM chips had increased within the Chinese market, with Intel hoping to popularize its own mobile processors with a new built center in the main ares of one China’s major technology Hubs.

Shenzhen Focus.

This brand anew innovation center was announced on Wednesday,will be based in Shenzhen and focus on helping Chinese hardware merchant create mobile devices and PC’s based around Intel chips. Shenzhen is currently the home of the nations tech companies and manufacturers, and has managed to become one of the key important places for the Chinese and international supply chain.

Beside the creation of the new center, Intel has also planned to spend over US$100 million through its venture capital funds for local Chinese product that are under development, in areas that convertible computers, tablets, smartphones and even wearables.

The U.S. chipmaker had announced these plans during its annual Intel Develop Forum in China, which was held in Shenzhen this time. The company will be trying to grow an ecosystem around its own mobile processor in China, but its chips have yet to gain any kind of traction in the market. Currently, its rival ARM processor have managed to the chip of choice for many smartphone and tablet sellers.

One of the many challenging aspects for Intel is that Arm chips cost vendors quite cheaply, especially when it comes to creating a product at a lower-end. Not only are Qualcomm and Taiwan’s MediaTek bringing in Mobile chips towards the Chinese market, but so has domestic ARM processor makers, which include Allwinner and Rockchip. This has helped the local hardware merchant into developing smartphones and tablets for a cheap amount of $161 or even less.


Intel had decided to respond with its very own mobile chip that been dubbed SoFIA that’s designed for lower end devices. the first SoFIA chips, which will begin to ship sometime in the fourth quarter, will utilize an Intel Atom chip an have 3g connectivity. During Wednesday, Intel’s CEO Brain Krzanich had shown an Android smartphone that was created with the processor. Sometime in 2015, SoFIA chips will begin to appear with 4G support.

Furthermore, the company has been developing a new 4G modern for smartphones that will run on China’s LTE TDD and LTE FDD networks, it will being to ship during the second quarter of this year.

Krzanich has also acknowledged that the company had skipped out on tablets, but the chip maker won’t be giving up on the market yet, During this year, Intel has aimed to ship over 40 million tablets with their chips, four times the amount that was originally shipped during 2013

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