Intel Purchases ‘significant’ Stake in Big Data Startup Cloudera.


Intel Purchases ‘significant’ Stake in Big Data Startup Cloudera.

Its been recently reported that Intel Corp has made a significant investment in Cloudera and will make the fast-growing startup as its chosen distributor for the software crunching Big Data. The chip making giant has said its equity invesment in Cloudera wil make it the largest strategic shareholder and it comes as Intel has been looking for ways to expand their server business to make up for their  failing sales of personal computers.

Intel went on to say that the stake claimed in Cloudera is one of its largest data center technology investment ever, although the deal has not been disclosed by either parties at the moment.

Big Data.

Similar to that of its rivals Pivotal and HortonWorks, Cloudera focuses on helping corporate customers manage their data through the use of “Hadoop” an open-source software system that can sort and handle the massive flowing of information, which has been dubbed Big Data, generated through the internet and mobile devices.

Intel has commented that it will begin to promote Cloudera’s Hadoop platform and transition away from its very own customized version that it had been previously promotion as optimal for their Intel server chips. Cloudera will be engineering Hadoop offering to work at its best with Intel’s server chip technology, which has recently been enjoying around 94 percent market share in data centers. Intel has also managed to gain itself a seat in Cloudera’s board of directors, along with the company itself going public sometime this year,

Intel is hoping to encourage more companies to jump into the Big Data analysis, leading towards more higher sales for its high-end Xeon server processors. With Intesl main market of persona computers declining, the chip making server business is becoming a bigger deal for the company’s profits, but its growth has recently descended short of its expectations,

Internet Of Things.

Big Data will also be playing a larger role in the Internet of Things, a recent term that refers to the ever increasing connectivity of everyday device from vehicles to small home gadgets. By finding means of analyzing and utilizing said vast amounts of data collected by those smart devices is becoming a major opportunity for IT companies, which also include Intel.

After falling behind with its chip making business for smartphones and tablets, Intels new goals are to make sure it can become a major player in the Internet of Things by supplying processors used in new devices as well as a server hardware and software that can be used to analyze those data’s created by devices.

“Hadoop, as the data platform, and the investment we are making together to make sure it’s the platform of choice, becomes the connection between those two major initiatives at Intel: the Internet of Things and the data center,” Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Data Center Group, said on a webcast.

Intels investment announcement comes right after Cloudera had managed to raise itself over $160 million from T Rowe Price, Google Ventures and other investors.


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