Introducing Nigeria’s Largest Event Video Platform OJUAGBO.


Introducing Nigeria’s Largest Event Video Platform OJUAGBO.

Its always been somewhat difficult in getting event videos out to the public with the goal of creating a trending discussion, or advertising towards a more niche targeted audience. While Youtube may be a good place to put videos up, due to the huge diversity of the site, it can add another difficulty finding interesting event videos to view. Having a platform whose goal is to achieve in event videos can be quite the amazing thing.

OJUAGBO a team of techies have made it possible for groups and organizations to increase their visibility of there contents and saving these contents for much more longer then any other existing media channel, Those being Radio, Print and TV.


OJUAGBO is a site that operates on social interactivity, and has been made available for both Web and mobile browsers, Desktops, and Smartphones. The platform has mashed together some event videos in a different archive system such as, categories and sub categories, allowing the users to easily find and search for a event video they wish to watch.

OJUAGBO also allows its users to share videos through various social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, as well as allowing them to comment and like any existing video without any necessary registration on the sites. All these amazing features from the streaming video player made available for the site is quite shocking.

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International Visibility.

At the moment, negotiation with media partner in the USA, OJUAGBO intends to cover and host major festival events that happen all over Nigeria and steam thee events Live around the globe. This will serve in increasing the chances of bringing more tourism and promoting Nigera’s culture and heritage to a international audience.


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