Introducing Products To Hispanic Customers With Social Compass.


Introducing Products To Hispanic Customers With Social Compass.

Hiplogiq has recently announced its release of the Spanish of its patented social media marketing application SocialCompass. The social media site is a tool that business can use to log on to twitter and find any potential customers at the exact time they are looking for products or services. This software will now be able to allow business in accessing its Hispanic customers with its Spanish update.

Potential Customers.

Customer use Twitter to look up either advice or discounts all the time. Some examples would be if they where planning to find a sweet deal on a airline ticket, or even something helpful in finding them a nice vacation resort. If someone tweets about the particular product, then theres a chance they will receive an offer. Using the Spanish version of SocialCompass will allow Spanish speaking business have a powerful tool that proven return to find those tweets and respond directly in Spanish with an incentive to convert the consumer into a customer.

Eager Client.

Jorge Cadena, a Bi-continental marketer and president of Smartmarketing, tends to spending most of this days with clients in the Latin America areas. His over the border clients are extremely eager in finding new customers look for deals to their home countries.

“SocialCompass finds people who are looking for a product in real time,” says Cadena. “If I place an ad for a client, I don’t know who is going to see the ad or who is going to buy the product. With SocialCompass, I know exactly who is looking for my client’s product. Then my client can interact directly with the customer and provide an offer immediately.”

“At a time when Twitter is hoping to expand and engage its base, our software gives people worldwide another reason to increase their activity on the microblogging site,” says Jason Dove, HipLogiq VP of sales. “Studies tell us that Hispanic consumers, one of the largest growing demographics, are highly influential on social media. SocialCompass’ new Spanish version offers companies a new tool to address that growth and reach out to engage the Hispanic community – both in and outside of the US.


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