Ionic Security Rising Value With Corporations.


Ionic Security Rising Value With Corporations.

In recent news, A three year old startup company based in Atlanta city has managed to raise nearly $25 million in funding thanks to Silicon Valley.Ionic Security, has announced that this puts them up to nearly $ 100 million in value.

This Atlantic based company has developed technology that used to help businesses protect any financial and other sensitive information that is stored on by employees in data centers and devices.

The software developed by Ionic, is backed up by encrypted data that can be generated on either a laptop computer or even a smartphone. This leads to it being secured during a transmission to the “cloud” system and stored in it. The program also keeps control and monitors where the data should go, who’s allowed to access it, a history on when it was being accessed, and who else it has been shared with.

The company was founded sometime around May 2011 as Social Fortress, with this Ionic has played two important roles in the company’s strength. Those being its skilled use in information security and cloud computing.

The demand for information security has rising over the pass couple of years, with audacious attacks from various cyber hackers and of course a recent surge of problem with nosy government spying on corporations.

Both businesses and users have gotten extremely paranoid over the last couple of months, due to recent discoveries of surveillance and espionage issues, and this is one thing that been increased not just in the States, but internationally as well. Ionic Security CEO Steve Abbott had something to say on this matter..

“Customers (business and governments) aren’t sitting there in denial,” Abbott said. “They’ve now raised their consciousness levels. Now it’s now more about “how fast can we fix it, versus how do we justify spending the money.””

Many of the biggest investors around see the potential of Ionic’s technology and have put much into helping them rise. Some of these investors include Google Ventures, Jafco Ventures, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers.



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