Iowa Startup Accelerator Includes Focus on Transportation Tech.


Iowa Startup Accelerator Includes Focus on Transportation Tech.

With only a month left before their application cycle, the Iowa Startup accelerator announces the inclusion of transportation technology to their current lineup of focuses for ares of agriculture, healthcare and education technologies. The new focus  will be supported by the network of  mentor the program has amassed, and including three experts in evolving field of transporatation technology:

  •  Hass Machlab, President & CEO of Innovative Software Engineering, focused on vehicle telematics, regulatory compliance for fleets, and fleet management.
  • Ron Stahlberg, President of Innomatix, a software firm that develops automotive software.
  •  Joe Justice, CEO of Wikispeed, which builds 100MPG cars using Agile methods. Joe’s team placed 10th in the Progressive Automotive XPrize competition to develop 100MPG cars in 2010.


The program expects to include several additional mentors with a transportation focus during the next coming month.

“Iowa is home to an incredible array of transportation industry expertise,” says Eric Engelmann, Managing Director of Iowa Startup Accelerator. “The National Advanced Driving Simulator is here. We build combines and tractors that drive themselves. We’re home to some of the largest transportation companies in the U.S., like CRST and Heartland Express. Guidance systems for airliners, drones and missiles are engineered and built here. We’re going to use the Accelerator as an opportunity to advance this sector even further in Iowa.”

To apply for this program online, simply follow the provided link.

Applicant to the program will compete for a place in the sought-after accelerator, and those startups that have passed the cut shall receive access to some of the best mentors, $20,000 in financial funding, and have he opportunity to take up residence in a fully-furnished, collaborative workspace in Geonetric’s currently-under-construction 45,000 square-foot building in the New Bohemia neighborhood with access to a direct fiber connection.


At the end of the 90 days, each team shall be prepared to pitch their concept to a number of angel and venture capital investors to gained additional capital funding.

“What we are doing is connecting our teams with the expertise and the funding they need to go from idea to launch,” says David Tominsky, Program Manager. “If your team is ready, apply to the accelerator. If we select your team, know that we will do everything in our power to help you succeed.”

For any teams that are interested, as well as individuals,  who are highly encouraged to apply online at Applications are being accepted through June 22, 2014. The 90 day program will launch during August 4, 2014.

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