Is Apple Working Smart Pedometer For Its iWatch?


Is Apple Working Smart Pedometer For Its iWatch?

Apple patents keep on growing and growing and it recently has continued to added even more. Recently its been rumored that Apple looking into a smart pedometer algorithms, which could potentially be for the iWatch or  some sort of activity tracker of its own.


The patent for this “wrist pedometer step detection” has shown that Apple has taken a recent interest in this particular area. Beyonf that, the patent goes into details over the smart algorithm that is supposedly apple to recognize where the device is being worn to work out with each step that is taken with high accuracy, and the interesting part its that it learns.

Step trackers that are currently out suffer from misinterpretation of arm swings and any sort of knocks that lead towards inaccurate readings. Apple’s proposal is suppose to divide it intelligently into generated raw data for each accurate step. The system will be able to constantly adapt and learn. So when any discrepancy is registered by the device, it will compare it to any previous pattern. if the threshold is greater than or equal to that of the last valid threshold the device will then automatically adjust to count it as a step.

ApplePatent wristband Apple patent adds fuel to rumors that it will launch health and activity related wearable devices

This will be allowed to be done from any part of the user’s body. Instead of suggesting Apple is guaranteed working on a device that can be removed from its strap, and will most likely be working in tandem with the iPhone as to create a unified  algorithm that will lead towards a combination of super accuracy.




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