iSearch Media has been acquired by 3Q Digital


iSearch Media has been acquired by 3Q Digital

iSearch Media, a startup based in San Francisco announced that they have been acquired by 3Q digital. iSearch Media is a marketing company that was founded in 2006. The amount that the startup was acquired for was no disclosed, however 3Q Digital did claim that now they have $300 mil in spending money.

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iSearch Media

iSearch Media is a specialized digital agency that combines research, technology, and talent to help brands find, connect, and create lifetime value with their consumers. Their client list is unclear, but we do know that the marketing company has a decent client base that includes, tria beauty, and more.  iSearch Media uses a dynamic platform that implements four different features.

– Paid Search
Paid search drives highly targeted traffic, engagement, and revenue, allowing you to shape and control part of the search experience instantly and fully quantifiably, bypassing the uncertainty and delay of other marketing channels.

– Natural Search
Natural search is about matching consumer desire and intent, with the right content, at the right time, and on the right device. It’s a complex environment that when done right, can produce incredible growth.

-Conversion Testing
Understanding and testing what influences consumers to engage and take action is a key ingredient in the search ecosystem. Continuous testing breaks plateaus and drives growth.

– Analytics & Reporting
We don’t just toss numbers over the fence. It’s about identifying and communicating undeniable truths about your business and your consumers in ways that lead to specific action.

This was the message put up on their site about the acquisition:

Today we are excited to announce that iSearch Media has been acquired by 3Q Digital.

Though the size and scale of our agency and what we offer will grow, we will still remain that driven, scrappy, passionate group of like-minded people who work hard to do great things together and for our clients.

To learn more about the acquisition please visit: iSearch Media Acquired By 3QDigital

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