iTeleCenter Spotlights Savassi Cleaning & Building Maintenance.


iTeleCenter Spotlights Savassi Cleaning & Building Maintenance.

iTeleCenter spotlights Savassi Cleaning & Building Maintenance, LLC as another satisfied client. Savassi Cleaning implemented iTeleCenter’s virtual phone system to fulfill its business communications needs about a year ago. iTeleCenter has given company owner Leo Candido the freedom to delegate answering calls to his team members while not losing track of calls coming in.


Located in Northern New Jersey, Savassi Cleaning & Building Maintenance, LLC is a family owned and operated business. They offer a wide range of janitorial services with a focus is on the Commercial Cleaning industry. They’ve been providing top quality janitorial cleaning services in New Jersey since 1999.

Prior to using iTeleCenter, they had difficulty finding a phone system with all the features at an affordable price. Mr. Candido appreciates that he does not have to be responsible for answering calls, but is able to keep track of them via the iTeleCenter mobile app wherever he is. His team members are also able to answer calls on the go with iTeleCenter’s call forwarding. The flexibility of the call forwarding scheduler allows different team members to receive business calls forwarded to their mobile phones on different days of the week.

Click to Call.

Savassi Cleaning plans to add a “Click to Call” button on their website in the near future. This will enable visitors to connect to a company representative via phone just by clicking the button and entering a phone number where they can be reached. This gives visitors another easy way to connect with the company for more information or to schedule service.

When asked what he would tell someone considering iTeleCenter, Mr. Candido replied, “I would say go for it without hesitation. This system is a no brainer!”

The management at iTeleCenter is pleased to be Savassi Cleaning’s virtual phone system provider and wishes them continued success.

iTeleCenter Virtual Phone System

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