Jaunt Introduces Cinematic VR, Announces $6.8M Funding.


Jaunt Introduces Cinematic VR, Announces $6.8M Funding.

The company creating the worlds very first cinematic VR experience,know as Jaunt, has recently announced over $6.8 million in venture funding from various top investors, which include Peter Gothcer, SV Angel, Redpoint Ventures, British Sky and Blake Krikorian. Jaunt had also revealed their revolutionary virtual reality technology for the very first time.

Jaunt utilizes advanced computational photography that enables the ability behind immersive VR to be applied towards live-action content to create a new future for entertainment. As part of the this funding round, Tim Haley, partner at Redpoint Ventures, Chairman of Dolby and DigiDesign Founder Peter Gotcher, and the Director of Entertainment at Sky,Stuart Murphy, will both be joining the board of directors.

Unique Entertainment.

Jaunt’s cinematic VR will allow consumer to enter the world of their entertainment like they’ve never have before. It provides a fully immersive, 360-degree 3D video and audio experience for viewers, allowing them to both see and hear the various sound affects of the world past them by, while watching battles rage on and experience amazing trips towards exotic locations around the world.

During Jaunt’s use, viewers shall be taking control, with capability to search around in any direction. Warp-around sight and sound produces a convincing sense of “being there”. With the hard working skills of a dedicated community of developers, true VR has finally arrived. Significant VC funding, the recent emergence of similar technology, such as Sony’s Project Morpheus, and Facebook recently acquisition of Oulus Rift, have all served a proof that VR will become an actual thing that may happen sooner then people expect.

“VR as it exists today is mainly about video games. We want to broaden the VR experience to mainstream entertainment,” said Jens Christensen, CEO of Jaunt. “Jaunt has built the technology to put virtual reality in the hands of the best content creators in the world to deliver stunning, reach-out-and-touch-it entertainment experiences using VR goggles.”


Jaunt utilize advanced algorithms and computational photography to provide the necessary palette,which also includes hardware, software, tools and applications. This will allow directors and animation graphers to create cinematic VR experiences using the same editing and production software they’re already familiar with today.

“Jaunt provides an end-to-end solution for producing cinema-quality experiences that are simply unforgettable,” said Arthur van Hoff, CTO of Jaunt. “Our cross-platform viewer allows for playback on many devices and provides an accurate, extremely realistic presentation of the visual and sonic content of the scene in all directions.”

“Bringing virtual reality to the wide entertainment market is a daunting proposition, but I believe the team that Jaunt has assembled is capable of doing exactly that, and doing it in a way that will make your jaw drop when you experience it,” said Tim Haley, partner at Redpoint Ventures. “The virtual reality market is just beginning to pick up speed but you can already see how seriously people are taking it and the potential it really has.”

“Our customers tell us they love having the richest and most immersive TV experience possible, which is why we are so excited about the supporting Jaunt and its ground-breaking video capture technology. As an innovative content creator, cinematic VR represents exactly the type of technology we want to better understand and explore.” said Stuart Murphy, Director of Entertainment Channels at Sky.

“Cinematic VR will completely change the way we experience content in the future,” said Blake Krikorian, Founder id8 Holdings. “Jaunt is giving content creators – both large and small – all the tools they need to add another dimension to film and video and create experiences that will dazzle viewers. Cinematic VR represents a new art form and I could not be more excited to be working with the team that is making this incredible leap forward a reality.”

Furthermore, Beside Jaunts board of directors, Jaunt will also be supported by an team made up impressive advisers which includes Babak Parviz, the creator behind Google Glass, Brad Wechsler, Chairman of IMAX , award-winning director Mark Romanek, and Professor of Electrical Engineering of Stanford University, Bernd Girod, amongst others.

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