Jeffrey Zehler joins Eventure to lead the Company’s Mobile Initiative.


Jeffrey Zehler joins Eventure to lead the Company’s Mobile Initiative.

Eventure Interactive, Inc. a social communications and application development company making local event participation smarter by tying relevant text messages, photos, and videos together with the utility of a social calendar, today announced the hiring of Jeffrey Zehler as its Vice President of Mobility.


Mr. Zehler brings extensive mobile application development and leadership experience from notable blue chip technology companies. Mr. Zehler, who spent over 10 years at Intel Corporation and was part of their Mobile Communications Group, will now be leading Eventure’s mobile development team, with primary responsibilities surrounding strategic product development initiatives and innovation efforts both for Android and iOS platforms.

Mr. Zehler’s addition to the development team represents management’s commitment to its stated growth initiatives and helps define a strong belief that good companies may only be built with the right people, and that these same people are the cornerstones of long-term growth and value creation.

Additionally, Mr. Zehler’s arrival completes another critical milestone toward the company’s larger business goals as outlined in our Business Execution Framework press release published March 12th of this year.

“We are pleased to have attracted someone of Jeff’s caliber. He possesses over sixteen years of proven mobile development and operational experience, and fills a key leadership role in our mobility team,” said Gannon Giguiere, CEO ofEventure Interactive, Inc. “His technical know-how and real-world problem solving skills are invaluable as we seek to deliver technology solutions that enhance the everyday lives of consumers. Further, we believe that continued operational execution and strict adherence to meeting business objectives, such as bringing on the highest quality people possible, are critical value drivers that closely align the interests of the company with those of investors. Jeff’s addition is another example of our commitment to these values,” continued Mr. Giguiere.

Mr. Zehler stated, “I am very excited to be a part of the Eventure Team. We have gathered a group of outstanding technologist, engineers, and designers that will help create and monetize market opportunities in the social communications category”. “It is such a pivotal time for the company. We have a clear roadmap and we are moving quickly in the right direction. All that’s left to do is execute!”, continued Mr. Zehler.

 Eventure Interactive.

Every day there are hundreds of millions of events attended, where billions of photos and videos are taken; each of these events represents some of life’s most meaningful experiences and memories. Almost none of these memories are being effectively organized in a way that brings meaning to their owner. By solving this problem, Eventure brings real and lasting meaning to its users’ lives, and in so doing addresses a yet untapped market opportunity.

At Eventure you’ll find a simple, yet elegant, web-to-mobile application where individuals can easily create, capture, and organize life’s memories. From the most basic lunch between friends, to the most elaborate star-studded gala, Eventure allows everyone to chip in during the planning of an event, easily check-in when you arrive at the event, capture and stream pictures and video during the event, and then scrapboard the collage of activity after it is all done.

Whether planning, inviting, attending, capturing, or scrapboarding, Eventure truly redefines how one organizes life’s most memorable moments.

For the first time ever, there’s a Social Calendar to use.

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