JOLT Accepting Applications For Technological Startups.


JOLT Accepting Applications For Technological Startups.

A leading Technology accelerator has recently announced earlier in the day, that it will be accepting any applications sent for its summer 2014 cohort. This company by the name of JOLT, has decide to look for startups that are taking on issues related to internet and the shaping up the industries with retail, digital health, media, finance and entertainment.

JOLT has also announced that is has reached out towards it immense network of partners to be included in this creative endeavor of technology and design firms featured in Canada.

These include Clarity, who’s online marketplace has connected many entrepreneurs with famous advisers and industry expert from around the globe. Bnotins is a international claimed Mobile Strategy, data and analytic innovation firm. Next up would be, Scalbility and its professional back office services that allows startup to grow their business without having to grow their back offices. Idea Couture a well established international Strategic innovation and experienced design firm.   And last but not Least Bonspiel! Theater , a group of improvisers and writers, based in Toronto.

“When we launched JOLT, our goal was to create an open network of diverse individuals and partners that our entrepreneurs could learn from,” says Sue McGill, JOLT’s Executive Director.  “We’re grateful to be surrounded by such high caliber partners who devote time, energy and expertise to our startups that are trying to make big and meaningful changes in the world and often in the face of skeptics,” McGill says.

“We’re thrilled to participate in this year’s JOLT program,” says Alkarim Nasser, Managing Partner at BNOTIONS. “Programs like JOLT provide needed support and mentorship that drive big ideas. We look forward to sharing our expertise and resources that have helped our clients succeed in the emerging technology field with this next cohort of Toronto’s future success stories,” Nasser says.


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