Jscrambler, The Program That Teaches Javascript to Protect Itself.


Jscrambler, The Program That Teaches Javascript to Protect Itself. 

Recently we’ve been seeing big waves of hacking appearing all over the place, from small blog sites to some even famously known ones. Java scripts in particular can be highly vulnerable from skilled hackers who wish to cause some serious, malicious damage, and this is something all developer would want to do their best in avoiding. JScramber is a up and coming tool that makes can make your code far more difficult to understand and control. The program has recently released a update with a feature that allows it self-protection.

“It is a combination of anti-tampering and anti-debugging,” says JScrambler’s Pedro Fortuna. “The former transforms the JavaScript into a form where if someone tries to change it – which is usually the case with most attacks – even if is just a single character, the code will detect that and stops working. And it does so on its own. It doesn’t check with a server or anything.”

And of course Anti-debugging, which allows one to restrict any intruder from analyzing a code  “In most cases the simple act of popping up the browser debugger is enough for the code to detect that and to stop working,” says Fortuna.

The Update.

The update has also managed to add  a feature allows one to lock one’s code onto certain browsers or operation system and to also block out Jscrambler from any specific part of a code that the user  would wish to keep visible and unguarded. This nifty tool will cost somewhere between $35 and $95 per month, all depending on how the person wishes to use said tool.


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