KAC Fitness Equipment Inc Acquires FitnessPlus.com.


KAC Fitness Equipment Inc Acquires FitnessPlus.com.

KAC Fitness Equipment Inc announces the purchase of FitnessPlus.com and Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide trademarks to increase global reach and extend its support to clients around the world. KAC Fitness Equipment Inc, a woman owned small business started in 2009 has grown 300% over the past 4 years. With the purchase of the e-commerce portal and brand assets, KAC Fitness Equipment Inc plans to increase growth while maintaining its commitment to excellent customer service.



Located in Pittsburg, California, KAC Fitness Equipment Inc will use the strength of Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide brand and FitnessPlus.com web portal to rapidly increase global reach among commercial fitness gyms and personal clients seeking remanufactured gym equipment at 50%-70% reduced prices.

The Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide trademark has been a premiere brand name providing the highest quality pre-owned fitness equipment for over 15 years. Serving clients in over 100 countries on 6 continents, Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide has been used to characterize reliable fitness equipment that is clean, well-serviced and affordable.

Through Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide, clients receive commercial quality brand name gym equipment at a 50%-70% discount over retail fitness equipment. Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide has become synonymous with quality gym equipment at a price clients can afford. KAC Fitness Equipment Inc will use the strength of the Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide brand to improve operational efficiency and a commitment to the customer.


FitnessPlus.com, the web portal home to the Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide brand is a highly valuable asset that will allow KAC Fitness Equipment Inc to deliver product and information directly to clients. In existence since December 1998, FitnessPlus.com is a highly queried and well-respected domain that facilitates customer access to the latest brand name remanufactured fitness equipment. Customers may view specials, packages, clearance items, as well as communicate with a specialist that will assist their remanufactured equipment needs.

“We believe that an established domain and respected trademark name will add tremendous value to our organization as we seek avenues to expand our processes and increase our growth in the remanufactured fitness equipment industry” said Kristen Colchico, founder and owner of KAC Fitness Equipment inc.

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