KakaoTalk Finally Releases Its Messaging App To Nokia Ashe.


KakaoTalk Finally Releases Its Messaging App To Nokia Ashe.

In recent news, KakaoTalk has announced that its has been able to make its famous messaging app available for the Nokia Asha devices.

Anyone who is in finds themselves in posession of Nokia devices 500,501,502, and 503 are able to now download the Kakao talk application in any country that has access to the Noka Store. This messenger is currently limited to only those four named devices for the meant time. Kakao has stated that it will try to increase its application into more Asha devices in the near future. KakaoTalk currently supports 12 different languages for Asha.

With this bold move into the mobile market, KakaoTalk can now be used in a total of six different operating systems for the mobile platform, such as iOS, Blackberry, Bada, Windows Phone, Android, and of course the new Nokia Asha.

Kakaotalk is still considered the top dog when it comes to mobile messaging in its native country of Korea, Where it has complete domination of over 90 percent of the smart phones installed for it. Of course, They are still fighting any encroaching competitors to try and gain a foothold on other markets, Specifically those in the Southern East of Asia. Since the Southern Parts of asia have a more diverse range in smart phone devices and a wide assortment of operating systems across the regions. It’s highly important for any marketing app, and not just messaging apps, to become established for as many types of various phones as possible.

In similar ways to their Japanese contenders Line, KakaoTalk has had an increased of amazing revenues thanks to its sales of various sticker and game made available. The first half of its 2013 existence raked up over $300 million. The company has reported in trying to move onto newer and grander media,



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