Kayak Co-Founder Secures $20M For Blade, The Design-Focused Incubator.


Kayak Co-Founder Secures $20M For Blade, The Design-Focused Incubator.

Over the past couple of years, Boston become known for being completely focused on their health-tech and biotech companies, without nearly enough consumer technology hold any presence.


However, As of recently a new design and consumer-tech incubator is coming on to the scene with the hopes changing all of that. Former chief technology officer and co-founder of Kayak, Paul English, shall be launching the new Boston-based Incubator, dubbed Blade, during the next month alongside with long time collaborators and Kayak colleagues Bill O’Donnell and Paul Schwenk. The group has managed to raise a total of $20 million from Accel Partners and General Catalyst Partners, both who are backs of Kayak.

This venue shall serve “as a startup foundry during the day and as a private club at night to create an intersection of consumer-focused technology and design for artists, designers, developers, and entrepreneurs,” a spokesperson stated.


This incubator shall be helping out entrepreneurs form their very own companies, recruit staff, and implement consumer design principles. It will also be invested up to $500,000 to $1 million in financial funding for each company and shall help with any future funding effort if they are necessarily needed .

While there may be accelerator programs already based inside of Boston, such as TechStar Boston, companies are often participated in accelerator for a certain amount of time during the course of the program, then they move back to their own home base, having very little impact on the long-term listings of companies based within a city. Blade is expecting to help its startups grow their roots into Boston.

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