KeenIO Makes Custom Data Easy For Developers


KeenIO Makes Custom Data Easy For Developers

KeenIO is a silicon valley based startup that helps developers retrieve complex analytical data in a simple way. KeenIO’s powerful APIs do the heavy lifting for you, so you can gather all the data you want and start getting the answers you need. Most startup developers struggle with finding the correct data for their project, KeenIO makes this whole process easy and understable. KeenIO works in three simple steps, simply gather the data, store as much of it as you want in the cloud and then query it, visualize it, share it or transform data into knowledge all under one umbrella.

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KeenIO Features

Usually when a startup wants data, they would need to build a powerful infrastructure which cost a lot of time and money or they would need to use a complex analytical service that might not always get them what they want. KeenIO builds the data for you and scales it so that startups can spend more time working on their ideal customer goals instead of worrying about data.

Send all your data any event, from any source, and as much as you want
Keen IO was built to collect and store huge amounts of event data – those constant little interactions that happen all day, every day, in your apps. You send in the data to KeenIO and they will store the data in their cloud database, so you can play around with them whenever you’d like.

Collect data from any source
If it connects to the internet, you can use Keen IO to grab data from it: Websites, web apps, servers, mobile devices, cars, smartwatches, all types of data can be evaluated.

Data collection is quick and painless. Use our super-simple REST API, our ready-made SDKs, or one of the, like, 8 other tools we’ve built.

Grab exactly the data you need
Event data can be anything – signups, upgrades, impressions, purchases, errors, shares. The arbitrary JSON format the startup uses makes it easy to grab exactly the data you’re looking for, with all of the custom properties you’ve been dreaming of.

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Analyze, visualize, find answers.
Once you’ve found some events and passed it on to their cloud platform, that’s when the real fun can begin. KeenIO’s powerful analysis API lets you perform any sort of query you need today, and any you might think of in the future. And KeenIO’s visualization tools help you chart that data and transform it into answers.

Extracting Data

Data is useless if you cannot extract and use it. KeenIO allows you to extract data in the best forms. You could extract data is CSV form or API form.

You can sign up for KeenIO’s free service using your github account:


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