Keep With the Names of All The Players with the World Cup Namez App.


Keep With the Names of All The Players with the World Cup Namez App.

Newly launched startup Namez today announced the launch of their free World Cup App for Android and iOS which lets users hear the correct pronunciation of the names of all the players, referees, coaches, and stadiums in this year’s World Cup Brazil 2014.


Every World Cup experiences the same problem: getting those international names right. Endless discussions, arguments and a lot of guessing is how people used to deal with the problem but now for the first time, thanks to the World Cup Namez App, sports fans and journalists will hear the correct pronunciation of all the players, referees, judges and stadiums, in their correct, native pronunciations.

This year’s lineup of players is like a collection of tongue-twisters: Papastathopoulos, Agyemang-Badu, Ghoochannejhad and many more. Every World Cup, fans and journalists alike regularly mangle the names of the world’s best footballers. The Namez World Cup App lets users hear exactly how these names should be pronounced.

The World Cup App is the latest product from Namez, which recently launched their API and website that lets users easily record their name, making it accessible and ensuring their name is understood. The service also provides access to its search engine that allows users to find and hear any name in the database, such as people’s names, places, actors, athletes, artists and product names.


In addition, Namez allows users to record the correct pronunciation of their own name to share on email signatures, social networks or anywhere else – ensuring recipients can say and remember it better. In an ever increasing cosmopolitan world this can help to avoid embarrassment by ensuring friends and colleagues are confident of correct name pronunciation.

“The vision actually came from the world of journalism,” says Namez CEO and co-founder Adam Grey. “As a sports editor, I was constantly hearing people disagree on how to pronounce the names of famous athletes. The problem is particularly bad every World Cup because of so many names from around the world. We hope with the app to provide a service and let fans have a lot of fun checking to see if they’re right.”

The free app is simple to use and fun. The App also allows users to record and share their OWN name which will be stored in the database.

The App is available now for Android via Google Play at

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