Kickstarter Alternatives For Aspiring Startups


Kickstarter Alternatives For Aspiring Startups

Crowdfunding is one of the best ways to jump start your startup. New startups can have a hard time finding a valuable and trustable investor for their products. Kickstarter has helped many many startups over the years jump from no name bootstrapping to successful launches. Kickstarter is an amazing crowdfunding platform, but it does have it’s country limits and harsh approval process. With the new crowd funding act coming in mid 2014, we will be seeing more and more platforms emerging. Let’s take a look at a kickstarter alternatives that you can use.


Without a doubt, this is the second most known crowdfunding platform. Most people that use Indiegogo reside in Canada. The reason for this is because Kickstarter did not accept applications out of the USA at the time. Indiegogo is very special because you can start a campaign for almost anything you need assistance with. It could be medical bills, big startup, hardware startup, the list goes on. Same as Kickstarter, Indiegogo runs campaigns and allows regular peers to fund their campaigns.

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Quirky is the place to make an entrepreneur’s dream come true. You can submit your product idea to Quirky. Then regular users have the ability to vote on your ideas and leave feedbacks. Every Thursday the executive team of Quirky gathers up at their headquarters in New York and reviews all the popular ideas. Every Thursday they will select an idea and turn that idea into reality for you. Quirky is one of the best kickstarter alternatives for startups because it allows you to get feedback for your products, while having the chance to make a dream come true.



RocketHub is a part startup incubator mentoring program and part crowd funding program. If your lucky enough, you will enter their launchpad which is pretty much a full mentorship program. Projects keep the money they raise, goal met or not; RocketHub takes 4 percent of successes, 8 percent of funds from unmet goals, and a 4 percent transaction fee. Projects that go beyond their goals receive rewards. Almost any type of campaign can be created, but Rockethub usually favors the campaigns on the more creative side.

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If you are a gaming studio or a gaming startup then you have to create a campaign on Gambitious. Gambitious is a crowdfunding platform for indie game developer/startups. A lot of regular users fund indie game developers because they love their stories and passion the developer has for the game. Support independent game developers in attracting the funding they need to complete the project and bring it to the market. Gambitious has funded many successful projects and have been featured on top gaming event, E3.

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There you have it! A few kickstarter alternatives to jumpstart your startup!


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