Kickstarter Successfully Soars With Over $1Billion In Pledges.


Kickstarter Successfully Soars With Over $1Billion In Pledges.

Every since this crowdfunding website was founded back in April of 2009, Kickstarters has managed to help many people create and publish their dreams work with no worries of having some corporate bigshot denying or abusing their product in some way. Recently the startup has announced that it has managed to raise more then $1 billion dollars for the various creative projects through their online investment platform, with an amount of $500 million raised the previous year alone.

The Workings Behind The Success,

Any project that has been successfully funded through Kickstarer has five percent of its raise funds returned for the use of the platform. These have included such successful campaigns as the Arduino mini-computer, the Pebble smartwatch, and satellites.

The billion dollar milestone was reached from all of the various pledges either projects that where currently in progress, successfully funded projects, and even those who didn’t managed to succeed in reaching their main funding goal. Although Kickstarter only receives this money if the campaign manages to reach the goal set up by the creator. Kickstarter commented on the fact that out of all of the billion dollar pledges, only $858 million has successfully managed to have a fully funded project.

Pledges Around The World.

Even more on going data released by Kickstarter has show that pledges come from over 5.7 million people who span over 224 countries and territories.

The top 10 contributing nations make up of places like, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Singapore, While most of this countries make up the top 10 pledges, the US is in the lead with over $66.3 million followed closely by the UK with $54.4 million.

Rewards and Pledges.

Many people who contribute to funding a Kickstarter project are usually offered some type of reward and experiences in exchange for their pledges. An estimated amount of over one and half million people have been shown to pledge far more then one project, while another 16,000 have backed at least over 50 projects. Currently the highest grossing day on Kickstarter was during 3 March 2014 with over 54,187 backers pledging over 4,02 million to 1985 projects.


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