With Kiddy, You Can Now Watch Your Baby Grow In A Diary


With Kiddy, You Can Now Watch Your Baby Grow In A Diary

Kiddy is a Japanese based startup founded by Hiromichi Ando and Sakurai Shoko. The app, which was first launched on the Apple App Store in April 2013, lets moms and pops snap and design their kids’ photos and put them into a flashy calendar diary. As of now, the app is said to be used by over 50,000 families, but the number is unconfirmed.


Kiddy is a simple and straight forward app that allows you to take pictures of your kid and save them to your mobile phone in a dairy format. See pictures below for more examples. Kiddy’s online service is free to use. But if users want their digital photos to be printed, that’s when they pay moolah. Each photo book costs either $16.90 or $32.90 depending on the quality of the print. Alternatively, users can opt for a small fee starting from $2.59 per month to have photo cards sent to their homes each month.


The business model for this startup isn’t bad at all. Most parents are willing to use this app because for one, they can take good memories of their kid and second it’s free and fun to use. After they start using the app more often, the parents might be worried that their data will be lost incase something happens to the phone. That is when most parents will choose to pay for a photo book or a monthly photo card. The pricing is just perfect enough so that the parents do not feel that it is too expensive.

“We learned through users that many families don’t want to share their private information publicly using Facebook and other social networks, and they want to share and store this information privately. So we believe firmly in closed network service, for families will grow and monetize well,” Ando says.

Kiddy isn’t the only app out there that does this type of task though. There are other apps as well such as Babygram, Babylist and many more. Kiddy is available in both the app store and the google play store. Check out their official site here:


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