Kingdom Of The Little People, Will Start Training The Dwarfs To Use Technology


Kingdom Of The Little People, Will Start Training The Dwarfs To Use Technology

The Kingdom Of The Little People is a theme park/business venture ran by a rich real estate investor/businessman Chen Mingjing. The theme park is an entertainment zone for short people or “dwarfs”. The Kingdom of the little people has attracted visitors from all over the world. Some people call this a human zoo, but Chen sees it as a place for the dwarfs to receive employment. Kingdom of the little people is located in China, Kunming. Admissions ticket cost about 12 US dollars to watch a bunch of dwarfs perform twice daily. The owner Chen isn’t a dwarf though, he is 6 feet 2 inches tall. Below is a video by Vice with fantastic music:

The Kingdom Of The Little People

I actually did not believe this place exist when my friend first told me about it. At the kingdom of the little people, you basically pay to go into a theme park style place to watch a bunch of short people perform. These short people range from the age of 18-48. Owner of the kingdom of the little people, Chen, claims that people live well there. They receive a good salary ($120) per month and get free English and technology lessons so that they could communicate with tourist and foreigners. Chen claims that the kingdom of the little people is currently a 1.5 million dollar business and it is expanding daily. As of now the theme park employs around 160 dwarfs, but chen said that it is still a small number. He is looking to grow it pass the 1000s and allow all the dwarfs in the world to unite together. Here’s a video of ABC news:

Some visitors claim that this place is like a terrible human zoo while some claim that the place is a wonderful looking place. The dwarfs that live there perform to the visitors everyday. They do everything from dancing to hip hop to singing to ballet, you name it. The dwarfs sleep in cute clay looking houses with other dwarfs. The place is like a dwarf land for them. All the beds, furnitures, room size etc. are all adjusted to their size. Many of them were born this way and did not inherit any disease. Chen, the founder, claims that he does not hire anyone that has transmittable diseases.

What Do The Dwarfs Feel About This?

Although a lot of people are criticizing Chen for doing this, the dwarfs feel that this is their home and they actually love it. One girl claims that she was afraid to leave her house in her home city because people would stare and laugh at her, but now she feels like she is at home. Now she can face the public and interact with them. This is a way for them to feel enjoyment and love.

Another male dwarf that goes by the name Li tells the media that he is currently 33 years old and he loves it there. He said that he takes daily lessons on English and literature. In addition to that he feels that he is more accepted by the society in the kingdom of the little people than the outside world.

kingdom of the little people

How To Get There

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of information on how to get to this place. This place is located in Kunming, Yunnan China. Most of the people that go there are a part of scheduled tourist tours, but luckily fortravelssake provided us with some information on how to get there. Here are the steps if you want to go solo:

  1.  Take the 82 bus to the end of the line at Ma Jie – you will be getting off at the Kunming North Bus Station. The 82 bus runs down Renmin West and Dong Feng rds in town. Cost: 2 yuan
  2. You will then need to look for a mini white tour bus. It will leave from outside the main bus station. You can also take a taxi from here, if like us you aren’t able to find this bus. It apparently leaves around 12pm Cost: 6 yuan
  3. If you can’t find the bus and you have a friend that is so insistent that you just must see this kingdom with you then a taxi will take you there for 150 yuan – if you have more people this is obviously more viable.
  4. Entrance is 100 yuan for both parks and performance.
  5. The White/ Beige bus will take you back to town around 5pm

All taxi and private car rides are negotiable in China. There are also taxi companies that you can call that will pick you up from where ever you are.

This place is a must visit place if you have never visited it before. Below are more pictures of the place.

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