Klutch, The Group Managing App Launches off With $1.5M


Klutch, The Group Managing App Launches off With $1.5M

Klutch has decided to get involved itself in the group scheduling market as, they believe it has a major potential to tap into. Especially after a group messaging startup named Group me managed to sell theirs for over $85 million.

With a fresh capital of $1.5 million that was led by the a well known Los Angeles startup accelerator known as LaunchpadLA. Klutch has decided to debut its iOS today. This scheduling app will enable users to sugggest meetings between friends, vote for plans, and a group chat about the meet up.

Just Imagine, a bunch of friends who wish to gather with each other in hope of either relaxing over some drinks or dinner, and trying to organize something to come of this can be quite a conundrum to set up. Klutch can be very handy app to have to make things far more easier. Setting a date, picking the location, and right infront of your eyes can plan it out together in real-time.

Behind the Works.

One of the amazing things about Klutch is that everyone will be invited to the same room to plan the shindig. Instead of having to juggle with a bunch of text messages or emails from a large group of people and coordinating everyone by yourself, Klutch puts everyone in the same chatroom of sorts and allows them to hash it out. First it starts off with the creation of a time and locations that works best for you, then sending the invitation to everyone you wish to invite. All of the messages from the group will be visible to each other on the app, along with any suggestions for a different time, date, or location. As alternate suggest are placed up, everyone can vote and agree on which is the most popular choice.

The application contains a built in group chat so the event will be updated immediately and everyone will be able to talk to each other freely. They can even check up on each other too see if they are going to be late or lost and need help with directions.


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