Did You Know You Could Print Instagram Photos? Here’s How.


Did You Know You Could Print Instagram Photos? Here’s How.

Instagram is another one of those social networks that have been taking over people’s social life. We have seen Instagram evolve from just a small photography posting app to people checking in at restaurants and now small ecommerce stores exist on the platform. Photography allows us to see the world differently. The whole mood of the environment could be changed through a picture. Pictures are important and a lot of us want to keep a copy of them. Supposedly, Instagram will keep all your images safe on their platform, but a lot of people would want a physical copy for backup.

Printing From Instagram

Instagram may simple, but it actually has a complex backend and some limitations. I figured out that the best way to print Instagram photos professionally in any format you like is by using an app called Printstagram. Printstagram does more than just printing regular photos from your Instagram account, but you could also purchase prints in calendars, photobooks, frameprints, posters, contact cards, and the list goes on and on.

The whole process could be completed on your phone. Simply download the Printstagram app on your phone and connect to Instagram through the API, select some photos, select some options, proceed to checkout, and your done. The good thing is that you could ship internationally, so if you want to send your friends in Asia some T-shirts with their pictures on it, feel free to do so! Make sure that the picture is attached to your own individual instagram account though, because it only allows one account to connect at a time.


Printstagram is a startup and needs to generate revenue too! The pictures aren’t cheap though, a 365 day calendar goes for 40 bucks but the good thing is that you can print 365 tear off pictures and the calendar has a solid feel to it. T-shirts cost about $20 which is cheaper than a lot of t-shirt printing stores.

The startup is quite creative with their designs. For example, they have a concrete block design for your flowers and photo.  It’s a concrete block with two nooks for photos and flora. Your calendar and favorite succulent can live as one, at last!  Each one is handcrafted so no two are alike. Each block cost $29. See picture below.

instagram printing


For $35, you could get an amazing poster with lots and lots of different Instagram pics on it. Remember those photos that puts together a bunch of mini photo to resemble a picture of something bigger like statue of liberty. These posters are similar. Check it out.



Visit their shop here: http://www.printstudioshop.com

Visit their made website here: http://printstagr.am

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