Kobo Epic eReading Services Launches On All Windows 8 Devices.


Kobo Epic eReading Services Launches On All Windows 8 Devices.

Kobo will now be making their books available to Windows 8 users after the eReading specialist decide to partner up with Mircosoft to release an application for the every single device under its operating system. The application can be currently downloaded at the store and be accessed on Windows 8 through notebooks, tablets and desktop with users being able to pin up any popular title to their home screen for the first time using tiles.

“Microsoft is committed to providing our consumers with an outstanding experience across all of our Windows devices, whether it is for work or for play,” said Henrik Gutle, Director of Windows and Surface Business Group, Microsoft Canada “With a growing offering of apps, such as the new Kobo for Windows eReading app, we are giving consumers new ways to use their device to do whatever it is they love. This app is a great addition to the Windows marketplace.”

Content and Features.

Kobo contains over four million titles within its library and can now be read across any Windows 8 device, bringing every familiar feature that Kobo users are accustomed too. Furthermore, bookmarks can be synced across all Kobo apps and devices, with users also being allowed to customize the font size and style.

The app also comes with a “night mode’ feature that uses a much more softer light to make it easier to read during the night time and the screen can locked in with either a portrait or landscape so readers can never lose their place.

Kobo’s eReading application is already available for Windows 8 and both companies have announced that a Windows Phone version application will be appearing sometime in spring, which will offer the same functionality as Windows 8.


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