Kolibree New Smart Toothbrush Sparkles The Way For Healthy Teeth.


Kolibree New Smart Toothbrush Sparkles The Way For Healthy Teeth.

A French startup company by the name of Kolibree has shown their first working product prototype during the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona,s Spain this week. The Mobile World Congress was the first time their working prototype of a electric connected toothbrush was demonstrated in publicly in the European country and its second debut made in a public conference. The first unveiling was done during the 2014 International Consumer Electronic Show In Las Vegas.

The Inner Workings.

Kolibree is a smart toothbrush which contains a unique technology that allows it to analyze a persons brushing habit and displays them on a mobile screen that can be accessed immediately on the phone. Kolibree application is free for the mobile phone, and will allow you to view data on every brushing through Bluetooth. Kolibree contains a smart sensor that will tell the user whether they have brushed their teeth long enough and reached the really hard reach but highly important parts of your gums and teeth.

With the connection between Kolibree toothbrush and mobile application, it should allow the user to take control of any health and teeth with an easily understood monitoring and scoring system. This information can be shared with any one you with, whether they be friends and family to even the dentist.

Rewards And Price.

The Kolibree uses a Sonic based technology that will lead to a more gentler touch on the gums and will be less abrasive on them, leading this for a more ideal toothbrush to have around. The Kolibree barely weight anything at all and can be easily handled by children. the application can work with several toothbrush so an entire family can participate in better tooth brushing.

At the moment The Kolibree toothbrush will not appear in the market for couple of months, but it is possible to place a pre-order for one. The price will range from $99 to $200 based on the model one wishes to purchase and will include the mobile app for free.


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