Korea Growth Hacking Startup Tool 5Rocks, Is Looking To Expand Globally


Korea Growth Hacking Startup Tool 5Rocks, Is Looking To Expand Globally

Growth hacking is everywhere nowadays! There are growth hacking professionals, growth hacking firms, and now even growth hacking tools. The Korea based growth hacking startup tool 5rocks have plans to expand globally. 5rocks is a fully backed startup that received 2.3 million dollar funding led by a Japanese Venture Capitalist firm. 5Rocks includes a mobile analytic tool that can be extremely useful for A/B testing etc. The startup used to run an online reservation service for restaurants but the service was acquired. The product has been adopted by many game developers such as Gumi, Pokelabo, MyNet and other Asian startup companies. 5Rocks have been on beta for over a year now and finally decides to make a move and releases a few foreign language packs.


5rocks is an all in one analytic, growth hacking, and user testing tool for mobile games. The most powerful analytics and operation solution for mobile games. 5rocks offers the most advanced analytics and live-operation technology. Gain insight, take action, and ultimately grow your business with 5Rocks. Group your users by gameplay behavior, purchase patterns, social activity, referral channel, and infinitely many combination of these properties. You can use one of their preset user groups or customize them yourself.


5Rocks allows you to target specific users for campaigns or testing. It’s easier to plan a targeted campaign when you know more about your users and what they respond to. Create user segments by users’ purchase history, geographical region and device. This way you have a stronger knowledge of which customers you are actually testing.


Put insight from analysis directly into action. Plan targeted marketing campaigns by identifying users who need your attention the most. 5rocks support multiple campaign methods. Those type of campaigns include in app analytic testing, advertising and many more.

One of the most important thing for startups and businesses is to have the ability to check for monetization stats. You want to know where the monetization is coming from and what are the analytics behind it. The system also comes with an alert system that will notify you just about anything from a sudden drop in revenue to a sudden loss of customers.

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking isn’t complete with just stats and analytics. 5Rocks offer the ability for you to create notifications and in app popups/promotions based on the type of customers that you defined in your settings. The app itself will go through complex algorithms and determine when and what should be offered to the user that’s playing your game.

You can utilize this for sponsors or using surveys to see how many of the players actually enjoy your game. Through this you can offer rewards and growth hack your mobile gaming app.

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5Rocks run on a freemium model where if you have less than 10,000 active monthly users, the product is completely free to use. If you have more than that it is only 0.01 cent per user, but that can add up if your app scales quickly.  The maximum fee would be 300,000 yen ($3000), for any app that has more than 30,000 active users.


5Rocks has been adopted by about 80 game developers in Korea and Japan and about 200 apps. The company plans to expand to elsewhere in Asia, with the goal of being used by 3000 apps by the end of this year.

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