KudoLife, The Easy To Carry Calorie & Fitness Tracker.


KudoLife, The Easy To Carry Calorie & Fitness Tracker.

Exercise may be one the  most important things a person should be doing, but what a person takes a larger role in not only weight loss but their overall health. An article published by Harvard school of Public Health states that “people do not eat nutrients or food… they eat meals” and “focusing on food quality is an equally important part of preventing weight gain and promoting weight loss.”


Regardless of the type of diet a person follows, either IFF, Atkins, or High protein low carbs, it a well known fact that people will cheat on their diet. Kudolife’s macros targeting feature shall help them determine “cheat days”, and easily get back on track. Unlike other application already in the market, this quick and simple to use application is an efficient utility that is not afraid to head towards the social network approach. The components of tracking, sharing and receiving positive feedback from friends and followers are important evidence-based strategies known to produce greater weight loss results.

The rating system has been dubbed as the “Kudo Meter” which aims to enhance behavioral changes associated with weight loss by promoting users to collectively rate the health choice of their meals. Users will then gather “Kudos” with each post, which will then become redeemable for rewards in the future.

Kudolife offers:

  •     Weight tracking
  •      Safe & realistic calorie budget for weight loss
  •     Meal photo sharing
  •     Instant macronutrient /caloric feedback
  •     Over 2,100,000 food items (organic, gluten-free, vegan , restaurant items)
  •     Privacy controls
  •     Facebook/Twitter sharing
  •     Stats summary with ideal macronutrient ratio target
  •     Food log

“Since our launch a few months ago, we’ve seen how well our app catered as a meal photo sharing, calorie and macronutrient balancing tool,” said Zeeshan Hayat, Co-Founder and CEO, KudolifeApp Inc.. “We have taken user feedback very seriously and combined it with evidence-based approaches, an enriched dashboard design for an improved user experience that will allow users to live the Kudolife way,” he added.

Kudolife has already begun creating paths and has secured rewards partnerships with top wellness coaches throughout the US and Canada. Furthermore, Kudolife has a fitness tracker, location services, micronutrient red flag alert and automatic weight detectors coming out for release sometime soon.

The new and improved version of KudoLife is available for free on the IOS app store. 

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