Lame Excuses That You Need To Stop Telling Yourself


Lame Excuses That You Need To Stop Telling Yourself

It’s natural for entrepreneurs to come out with lame excuses that stops them from shinning or starting their startup. A few months back, I had a short chat with a Highway Patrol over at Starbucks. I questioned him on what are some lame excuses that he hears from people everyday. The Highway Patrol said that, there are so many of them that he would be able to write a course on them. Then I asked him, “If the excuses are so lame, then why do people still use them?” He replied saying that it is because a lot of people don’t know it’s an excuse and think they can connivence other people to believe in their excuses. It is the same thing with entrepreneurs. Startup entrepreneurs should not have a reason or excuse to stop themselves from starting their business.

lame excuseslame excuses


I don’t have time

When it comes to lame excuses this is probably the one that people uses the most. If you have time for 2 hours of TV or fooling around on Youtube/Facebook then you should have time to start a business. If you only have 1 hour of spare time per day, you could always try to sleep 1 hour less everyday. Now you have two hours a day to start your business. Have an extra hour or two in the weekend? Now you have additional hours. Not having enough time is just a lame excuse that you need to stop telling yourself. Successful entrepreneurs such as Jack Ma will tell you that the reason why he worked harder than anyone else in the beginning is because he knew this was his only chance and if he did not put his full effort and time into it, his business would have failed. Time is important, but going half-assed probably won’t get you anywhere. The best way to start is to just do it, so nomore time excuses and take action!

I don’t have money

Recall another quote from Jack Ma, “I noticed that a lot of startups and entrepreneurs failed because they had too much money. Money could only be used as a tool.” Most startups never had any money in the beginning. An amazing book everyone should check out is $100 dollar startup where the author takes you through a bunch of small business that started with basically nothing. Most startups bootstrap their way through it. Many of them just bought a domain name and a cheap hosting plan to get things started. Once your startup scales, you can always take in outside investment or generate revenue through your business models. We hear lame excuses everyday and not having enough money is definitely a common one. Remember, always use your disadvantage to your advantage. Not having money might be a disadvantage, but not having money also gives you more motivation to earn that money. You are more hungry than those people that have money and you have more energy. Take that to your advantage and take action! Recall another story of the girl that appeared on Shark Tank that sold window frames to junkyard for $200. That was her initial startup money to build a huge fashion business. Always use the successful people as motivation.

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There’s too many competition

It is always smart to do your research and plan before forming a startup, but competition is everywhere, just like how an idea is a dime in a dozen. Everyday we see a new sushi restaurant opening or another subway opening down the block. If everyone worried about competition, then we would never get anywhere. Chances are that your idea is already out there, but that does not mean that the other startup is doing better than you. Again, use your disadvantage to your advantage. What is it that you have that your competition dont have? Check out this article on Mark Cuban talking about how to outplay your competitors.  You don’t have to go head to head against your competitors, find their holes and fill it up in your venture.

I can’t do it because I lack experience

Another one of those lame excuse to add to the lame excuses list. How does one get experience? You gain experience by actually doing it. Taking action is the best way to gain any experience and going through the ups and downs will teach you how to overcome them in the future. You can read a whole book on how to accomplish and learn something but you won’t get anywhere until you get your hands dirty and gain those experience. If your still iffy about experience and uncertainty then maybe a startup and entrepreneurship isn’t for you, but if you know that your end goal is to be successful then you shouldn’t let experience bring you down. For example I know a real estate agent that started selling homes when he was 18. He said that in the beginning it was really hard because he didn’t have any experience, but now he’s the best performing agent at his firm. I asked him how he did it? He said, “experience my friend, you learn from failures” He used his disadvantage which was not having any experience to his advantage and climbed that experience ladder! You can too!

I’m too old

Sure, having a family and needing stability might be an obstacle, but isn’t overcoming obstacle the mindset of an entrepreneur? You’re never too old. Ricky Wong from HKTV said that his main motivation for starting a TV channel is from him listening to a story about how another successful entrepreneur starting a TV station at the age of 60. If someone can build an empire at the age of 60, you sure can at the age of 40. Nothing’s stopping you from achieving your goals. You just have to put in more work than the others and prove to the others that you can do it. Nothing is better than accomplishing something that you want to do.

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I don’t have a strong team

How do you create an empire? Facebook didn’t wake up one day with a powerful team, they recruited talents along the way. It’s a step by step building block that every new business or startup has to go through. The route isn’t easy but it can be done. Most investors will tell you that once you have enough traction for your company, talents will come to you. Would you have worked for Facebook when it was still a dorm project in Harvard? Probably not, but now that it is so successful, you might want to join their team. Work your way up there and build those traction. Start building a team from scratch and let the team grow into something huge. Not having a strong team is just another one of those lame excuses that entrepreneurs tell themselves. Get yourself out there and let everyone know what you are doing.

Let me start the project on the weekend

We hear this one a lot as well. This is where the most burnouts happen. An entrepreneur gets extremely excited about an idea, then they pass it along to the weekend. By the time the weekend hits, you lose motivation or you get an invite to go out for a drink with a friend. You party your nuts off and forgot all about your project. When someone reminds you about the project, you say “Ok i’ll do it next weekend” Then the next weekend the same exact thing happens. You have to overcome this excuse and start now. Don’t think too much and put all excuses aside or you will never get anything done. An entrepreneurial quote that gave me a lot of motivation is, “The thought of not getting anywhere is more scary than the thought of building something bad” 

I’m waiting for a sponsorship/investor/mentor’s reply

You could be doing a lot of things while waiting for people to reply to your email or text. You could be designing your site or reaching out to other sponsorship/investor/mentors. Do not just sit there and wait for an email then hop on Facebook. A business includes many categories from marketing to planning to research to creating content. In other words, there’s always something to do. Stay productive and dedicate every little effort you have to improving your business.

Hope this helps everyone cover the lame excuses factor.

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