is Shutting Off Its Subscription Radio Service on April 28.

1 is Shutting Off Its Subscription Radio Service on April 28.

During Wednesday the company known as had released a blog post, announcing  that it will be shutting down its subscription radio streaming service on April 28th. After this following date, the “traditional subscriber radio will no longer work on any platform or device.”


The company has decided that instead of streaming songs on to its users, they will instead shift their focus onto other areas, mostly that of music discovery, recommendations and the most important one of all,scrobbling. Scrobbling will allow users to listen to songs on other applications, which will later then send the name of the song towards and add it towards the users’s music profile.

User will use the app to create a powered playlist from the music on their device’s library and link it on their iOS device to their Bluetooth supported speakers.’s partners for its scrobbling application will include Spotify, Apple and Android, as well as hardware devices like Sonos and Logitech squeezebox.

Furthermore, Users will also be able to listen to their radio station through’s Youtube-powered player, as well as through its on-demand playback feature from Spotify.


The incentive for this decision seems to reduce the cost for licensing. Basically, due to user using other application to stream their music, with will only create playlists and recommend songs, they will no long have to pay any cash to maintain their catalogue,

“Over ten years, our goal has always been to allow people around the world to discover new music with as few limitations or restrictions as possible,” wrote. “However, the music landscape has changed considerably during that time and we’ve been forced to make some very difficult decisions surrounding our core products and services.”

The decision to shut down the streaming services isn’t a impulsive move out of nowhere either. Back in January the company had announced that the radio service was being cut in every market area besides the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and Brazil.

“ subscribers are some of the most dedicated music fans out there and we are deeply grateful for your support over the years,” the company wrote

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