LeadFerret Curates a Directory of Curated Web Companies.


LeadFerret Curates a Directory of Curated Web Companies.

LeadFerret, the world’s first 100% free business to business database with complete information including e-mail addresses, announced today the release of a curated directory of Curated Web Companies. This directory allows users to search through and see full contact information for specific records of people working for Curated Web Companies, in addition to the millions of records outside that directory.


According to Netcraft, as of January 2014 there were over 861 million active websites. The sheer volume of available contact on the internet is staggering. Websites like Google and Bing make it easier to wade through all of the noise and find specific content, but the job is still a tedious one. Enter digital curation. Curated Web Companies are companies that curate information from the web as a core part of their business.

In addition to providing one location for access to information from a multitude of different sources, curated web companies also tend to vet the sources’ legitimacy, to a degree, allowing the consumer to trust the information, either as accurate, or as safe. Curated content is almost making its way into the eCommerce arena, most notable with Zappos’ new site, Glance, a social commerce site that acts similar to Pinterest, only for purchasable fashion products, allowing consumers to curate their own personal fashion collection, all parts of which can be purchased through Zappos with ease. This level of integration opens the doors to a whole new type of profitability for the curated content market, ensuring future growth for the industry.

Digital Curation.

Digital curation is a booming industry, especially as print media falls out of favor. While in its infancy, it’s projected to continue growing as more and more people turn to curation as their primary source of content. As with any quickly growing industry, curated content companies are ripe targets for a vast number of different types of marketing campaigns, with the money to spend on all aspects of their business needs. While this directory is a good target for people looking specifically at curated media companies, it is also an excellent resource for anyone looking to expand their client roster in a quickly growing field. LeadFerret’s directory of contacts within Curated Web Companies is an advantageous place to start many different types of marketing campaigns, as LeadFerret has curated a directory of contacts with complete information, including email addresses, social media links and more, making it easier to develop and implement targeted marketing campaigns.

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