LearningAisle Ed-Tech Recent Educational Stirrup.


LearningAisle Ed-Tech Recent Educational Stirrup.

A recent San Francisco educational-tech startup by the name of LearningAisle has been causing alot of conflict by providing students with an entire curriculum for K-12 for free. With this new tech it has allowed may students to take control of how they wish to learn and which subject they would like it to be.

The Plan Behind Learning Aisle

LearningAisle goals are to give every single student a high quality educations, with over thousand of student, the company has served more than 20 countries with the best available content in a appropriate vocabulary fit for the child’s age and choices over the learning method they wish to study under. The students will have no need to to acquire themselves additional book as the curriculum cover all of the national standards for every grade.

  “Why does good education have to be a protected, mysterious privilege that only a few people get?” asks Mack Sundaram, the founder and CEO. “We live in world where children are told what to do at every step. Unless we help them learn how to make choices and take responsibility for them, we aren’t really creating the leaders of tomorrow. Why not start by empowering kids right from childhood?”

Learning Aisle Resources.

LearningAisle has prided itself for obtaining over 10,000 pages worth of lessons, 21,000 assessment questions, quizzes, and ever single one has been created from school teachers. it also has links towards educational sites, such as Discovery Channel, PBS, Khan Academy, and any other organization that supports the K-12 independence. “We’ve vetted the Internet so that students can get everything in one place,” adds Mack.

A Learning Peer-community.

 The simplicity behind this programs provides a empowering way for students to learn in a relaxing environment and construct a peer-community. Any one student who wishes to know the answer to a question can simple post a question inside of the lesson they are currently studying, and have other peers to help and respond to his question. With this method it will allow the students to engage in activities more often and reinforce each other with a quality learning environment.
Teachers and Parents can also add their own inputs and by doing so add even more towards the quality of study materials and create a way for everyone to learn something new. School teachers have already used contents that have been proven to work already in classrooms as a supplemental guide that helps gain the interest levels of every student.

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  • JMI

    Who funds learning aisle? THey are very secretive on their site, saying only “site owners and donors”. Their whois registration is also private……

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