Lenovo Purchase Unwired Planet’s Mobile Patents for $100M.


Lenovo Purchase Unwired Planet’s Mobile Patents for $100M.

China’s Lenovo has started to purchase patents that are related to 3G and 4G technologies from U.S.-based Unwired Planet for an amount of $100 million, as the company prepares to expanding with its proposed Motorola Mobility acquisition. Lenevo is purchasing over 21 patent families from Unwired Planet will help the Chinese company continue to grow its smartphone and mobile business in new markets.

Furthermore, Unwired Planet is including there own licensed patent portfolio to Lenovo for unspecified number of years. The Nevada-based company has developed mobile technologies that used by carries like Sprint and AT&T. Once the deal with Lenovor has closed Unwire Planet has commented it will have over 2,500 issued and pending international patents added to its portfolio.

Increasing Market.

While Lenovo is better known as a PC makers, the company is trying to become a major merchant of mobile phones. At the moment, in there home market of China, Lenovo has become one of the biggest smartphone sellers, and has over a dozen different models on the local market.

Lenovo’ mobile phone business will continue to increase in growth. During January, the company had made a announcement that it planned to buy Motorola Mobility from Google for $2.9 billion.


With the acquisition submitted, Lenovo’s handset business will be able to gain a foothold within the North American Market. The company plans to keep Motorola business intact, and use the business to sell mobile phones with its main home market of China.

Motorola’s acquisition will also help Lenovo Protected itself from patent-related lawsuits that have been used to try and prevent the business of other handset makers. By acquiring Motorola, Lenovo will gain ownership of more than 2,000 patent assets and also gain access to Google’s own patent portfolio.Lenovo’s deal with Unwired Planet is expected to close in 30 days.


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