LG Electronics Introduces A New Smart Bulb LED.


 LG Electronics Introduces A New Smart Bulb LED.

Ever wanted the lights in your home to be smarter? Smarter then simply turning the them on and off with a timer or even possible a smartphone, Well apparently LG want to create lights that dance with music. Recently LG announced their own take on ‘smart’ LED light bulbs. The ‘smart’ LED created by LG can be controlled with the use of Android and iOS, although the Android version will have a special feature set of it only.


LED’s are known for having the longest life and use up less energy, but even more so, they’re easier to color change. These LED are planned to come out in both color and plain white. There will be an application that controls the lights made available for Android 4.3 and higher, and similar to other smart device or product. It will have a somewhat similarity to that of the Belkin WeMo lighting and outlets. The iOS version will be available for iOS6 and higher. Although the both Android and iOS will both contain different feature from each other.


Both the iOS and Android version will contain the same amount of controls over the basic function for the lights. Turning them on and off, and like any good smart product, a security option as well. The security option will allow user to set a timer on the lights, meaning they can input at what times the lights should turn on or off while the user is away. Although these are the only function that the iOS will be able to accomplish, where as Android will receive a couple of more interesting features.

Android Feature.

With LG known for its love towards Androids, with them being a majority of the smartphone use populace. The Android app version allows the user to access “Play Mode”. Using this mode will make the lights blink or dim in rhythm of whichever music is currently in play. This will allow the user to run there rooms into a dance floor, which can be a neat trick for parities, and even better it turning the lights into a sort of assistant. “Play Mode’ will also allow users the option of making their lights flash when they have a incoming call.

There is no set date for when it will bet released towards retailing stores at the moment, but the price tag has been released, for an amount of $32 per bulb. This may seems a bit expensive but due remember that these are LED lights, so they can last a person up to about 10 years. Even if they where left on for 5 hours everyday for those ten years.


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