LifePrint, The Social Network Picture Printer.


LifePrint, The Social Network Picture Printer.

Printing pictures can be done perfectly fine while at home or a a photo center, what if it was possible to print pictures without having to be there? One might not be anywhere near those locations, so the urge to print out a picture will have to be placed in the background til later. Although, LifePrint wants to make sure people can print their pictures regardless of where they are, with a small ordinary printer and $200,000 worth in Kickstarter funding.

How it Works.

LifePrint has been made specifically for the use of printing out photos from smartphone devices, separating it from its competition, such as Polaroid and Fujifilm, On how one is able to print. Through the use of LifePrints application, the user can print out picture by using either WiFi connection or using the mobile data network. Furthermore, the users can print pictures from a LifePrint device that can be thousands of mile away, so long as the user and someone else follow each other on the LifePrint app. Its easy to use and quite simple to reject any photo sent that one may not like.

Social Network.

LifePrint isn’t just some ordinary printer and application, but a social network as well, where people can follow others. Interestingly enough, instead of having a “like” options for pictures, users can just print them out. the picture can be chosen to be shared through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, with those picture being watermarked with the #LifePrinted attached to them. Of course its possible to chose not to any of this and remain off grid, for some privacy.

The application and be used to edit any uploaded pictures, with option such as color filters, picture stitching, adding talk bubbles and other text, and border selection. The pictures wont come out big by any means, with the film measured at 3 x 4, capped at 10 prints. LifePrint is hoping to have more file made available through retailing stores and its website once the Kickstarter campaign is complete.


The Kickstarter campaign goal is to reach over $200,000, with $61,000 pledged at the time of this writing and with 32 days left to go, LifePrint still has a long road ahead before being fully funded. From the pledges, the Android version of LifePrint will become available in April 2015, while iOS version will come out earlier in January 2015.

Compatibilty for iPhones, will start from iPhone4 all the way up to 3rd-generation iPads and higher. For Android, the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and S5, along with the HTC One, Nexus 5, Galaxy Note 2 and 3, and “future Android devices” are supported.

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