Line Finally Decides To Add A Calling Service For Their Android Versions


Line Finally Decides To Add A Calling Service For Their Android Versions

Line, a top Japan based social startup, announced today that they will adding a new feature to their Android based platform. This feature will allow people to call landline and mobile phones through the Line app. Line is entering the game a bit too late. Viber and Skype along with many other applications have been using mobile calling for years. Line being a voice based application should have been on top of it’s game. Also, Line only implemented this upgrade for Android users. Iphone users will still have to wait for the company’s notification.


New Features

As of now calls can be made to Columbia, Japan, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Spain, Thailand, and the US. To make a call simply log into your Line app and attach your number then sign up with one of their plans. A 30-day plan costs JPY 6.5 (about US$0.06), or JPY 14 (US$0.13) per minute to cellphones and JPY 3 (about US$0.03) to landlines on the pay-as-you-go plan.

It seems as if Line is doing whatever it could to generate revenue. Not long ago, Line released a sticker ecommerce mall that gave people a chance to make money by creating stickers and selling them. The early Android release did not come to a surprise though. Line has had a tradition of releasing Android updates first. Usually after 2-3 months an iOS version will be released as a follow up.

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This makes perfect sense as to why Naver (Line’s parent company) acquired Whoscall back in December for 17.6 million. Whoscall was made to block and reject unnecessary and unwanted phone calls. This will help strengthen Line’s new phone system. Line also announced that they have future plans for adding more phone related items to their shop. One of the biggest question is whether or not Line can take on Skype? Most people use Skype for their computer, but there are more people using Line for their mobile phones than Skype.

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