Little Bird, Portland Social Marketing Startup Raises $1.7 Million


Little Bird, Portland Social Marketing Startup Raises $1.7 Million

Most startups take their talents to either Silicon Valley or New York City. Little Bird, a Portland Oregon based startup managed to secure 1.7 million dollars in a round of funding for his 14 person startup. The round is led by the Oregon Angel Fund. The funding round will help the company double in sales staff to get their product moving.

Little Bird

Little bird is a social media mining startup. The startup mines social networks such as Twitter to find who’s most influential on a given topic. This helps regular users filter out the amount of junk their social media pages have. You can have over 10,000 followers, but you might not be reaching out to the correct people each time you make a post. Little Bird will let you know who you should be connecting with. The features do not end with just a simple filter. You can get a ranked list of hundreds of peer-validated influencer on Twitter and then discover them on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and elsewhere. Whether you’re an old pro or new to the social web, Little Bird will point you to the center of valuable conversations in your market.

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“I don’t care how many followers you’ve got,” said Marshall Kirkpatrick, Little Bird’s founder and executive. “I want to know how relevant your followers are.”

“Little Bird looks at all the connections and figures out where the center of the graph is, because we feel that is where the future is most likely to be created,” Kirkpatrick said. “My belief is that kind of early-warning system offers competitive advantage to people in almost any sector.”

The trend filtering feature is awesome as well. With this feature you can eliminate all the junk and only display the tweets related to your field. It can be upcoming trends, hot now, or any type of hype. You can generate a influencer list like Twitters.

Social media startups have been on a run lately. Previously, we just saw a big exit for social media metric startup, Klout. There are also a few other social media startups based in Portland. The little city of portland is growing bigger!

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