LiveNinja, The Video Chat Marketplace Secures An Additional $500K.


LiveNinja, The Video Chat Marketplace Secures An Additional $500K.

LiveNinja, a Miami-based startup tech company that focuses on video chat, has recently announced on Monday that it has managed to raise an additional $500,000 from various Angel investors.


The founder behind this company, Will Weinraub, had made this announcement live on a stage during the Startup City Miami 2014, a tech conference that was hosted by the Alantic C at the New World Center in Miami Beach.

The second ever annual in Miami, Startup City conference, had highlighted the progress that was being made within that region over the past year, which includes a nice dose of $118.9 million in venture capital investment for the City of Miami, along with another whooping $300 million investments in the tri-county region of South Florida.


“I’m very upbeat about Miami as a center of venture activity already. People ask what need to be done to become a tech hub, and I think we’re already doing it,” said Joanna Schwartz, founder of Miami-based crowd-funding platform EarlyShares. “The energy around events like this is great, and it’s working.”


Krillion Ventures very own Melissa Krinzman, had announced on stage that her company would be makings its very first venture investment in South Florida.

“I used to struggle with the chicken or egg theory whether it’s the entrepreneur or the capital. I think the key is to start with the entrepreneur, and we have that here,” said Peter Kellner, co-founder of New York-based entrepreneur support group Endeavor Global.

LiveNinja had announced during the previous week that it would roll out its new product that’s been dubbed Katana. This software is supposed to allow customers and merchant websites to communicate through the use of video chat.

LiveNinja offers an online video chat software that allows users to market and monetize their expert skills and experience to those who are seeking either services or advise.

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