LJM Developments Rolls Out its Entrepreneur Accelerator Program.


LJM Developments Rolls Out its Entrepreneur Accelerator Program.

Burlington based real-estate development and investment firm launches the LEAP program to promote entrepreneurship and support small businesses.

“Entrepreneurs are the driving engine of our economy and small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) constitute a substantial proportion of our economy. The LEAP program allows LJM to propel further innovation and drive in this sector. In Canada, and in our direct community particularly, we would like to see more entrepreneurs emerge and create new business opportunities” says Shaheryar Mian who leads business development at LJM Developments.


LEAP aims to provide funding, office space, and strategic guidance to start-ups. LJM Development’s commercial real-estate focus allows the company to leverage part of its commercial space toward co-working office use for entrepreneurs. In addition, LJM itself emerged as a small business and as such aims to provide strategic guidance to entrepreneurs from noteworthy lessons the firm acquired through its own experience and milestones.

Mian further explains “The biggest challenge for a lot of entrepreneurs is lack of initial capital funding coupled with basic infrastructure such as office space. By providing the basic framework to entrepreneurs, LJM can bring to life new businesses that would otherwise face a difficult time coming to the fore”.

LJM’s core business is to construct and manage residential and commercial real-estate. The company’s commercial portfolio gave access to tenants, most of whom own and manage their own businesses, which serves as further motivation for the company to fund such endeavors. LJM also diversified its business in the hospitality space by making investments in restaurant businesses.

“We are excited for the launch of our entrepreneur accelerator program and look forward to discussing new business ideas with entrepreneurs, and also plan on engaging the City to work with us in helping promote entrepreneurial spirit in our communities” says Mian.

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