Lliquid Llama Soft Devises New Audio File Format.


Lliquid Llama Soft Devises New Audio File Format.

Arizona startup Lliquid Llama Soft. LLC has developed a completely new audio file format and accompanying audio player that will forever change the way music is recorded and enjoyed. The Random Order Audio file type (.ROA) allows artists and listeners an unprecedented freedom in the way they store and use audio files. The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $60,000 by September 13 to develop a community-driven website with a full storefront to help spread the word.

Random Order Audio.

Solving the problem of multiple audio files for every song variation, Random Order Audio (ROA) allows artists to create a single audio file that can be played back in a near-infinite number of ways. For example, an artist could easily make a thousand variations to one song all on one file. “As a listener, you have many more options to enjoy your favorite songs,” said Co-founder Ryan Ries. “As an artist, you no longer have to worry about what makes it to the final cut because there is finally room for variations.”

Because ROA is a completely new file format, its creators also had to develop a new audio player, the Random Order Audio Player, to use the files. The player, which is free to download, is currently compatible with PC and Mac desktops and laptops, and will soon be expanding to more platforms. “Money from the crowdfunding campaign will be used to bring the ROA Audio Player to more devices, as well as develop a web site with a full storefront for artists to utilize,” said Ries. “In the future, we plan to develop ROA’s sibling media formats.”


Supporters of the crowdfunding campaign starting at the $10-level will receive perks for their efforts, such as a five-song voucher for free song downloads, branded merchandise – including a guitar pick, sticker and bumper sticker, a jute drawstring backpack, a branded portable keychain charger, and a limited edition branded 8GB flash drive preloaded with songs and the ROA Player.

Supporters giving $1,000 will receive a day of audio recording at Mind’s Eye Digital Recording Studio, as well as a special mention on ROA’s web site and all the company’s branded swag. Those giving $3,000 will receive three days of recording time, those giving $4,000 will receive four days of recording time, and those giving $5,000 will receive five days of recording time.

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