LocateSmarter Unveals Features of New Online Skip Tracing App.


LocateSmarter Unveals Features of New Online Skip Tracing App.

A new online batch skip tracing application, LocateSmarter, LLC, recently unveiled its patent-pending features on the company’s website. The SaaS company connects accounts receivable professionals with multiple, leading data providers in one centralized, cloud-based platform.


Their patent-pending product features customizable skip tracing waterfalls, automatic deduplication, real-time reporting and a file mapping wizard.

LocateSmarter users can self-manage their data with a customizable waterfall process. By selecting from a list of data providers, they can create their own skip tracing waterfall. LocateSmarter manages the data provider relationships and programming, allowing users to access the application without annual contracts, monthly minimums or subscription fees. Users pay only for hits received.

In addition, LocateSmarter offers automatic deduplication processes for enhanced regulatory compliance in the accounts receivable environment, according to Chad Benson, COO and President. “In 2013, the vast majority of complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau were regarding wrong numbers,” Benson said. “With LocateSmarter’s easy-to-use file mapping wizard and built-in dedup process, the system uses existing data to filter out repeated or incorrect information.”

Benson added that LocateSmarter reports are delivered in real-time, giving users insight into their waterfall performance and enabling them to become more competitive in the accounts receivable industry.

Locate Smarter.

LocateSmarter, LLC., a subsidiary of CBE Companies, was formed in 2012 as a Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) company with a mission to deliver next generation cloud-based skip trace solutions. The company developed a self-named application that delivers consumer information from multiple data providers in one centralized location.

Key features of LocateSmarter include:

  • Innovative file mapping
  • Intuitive workflow and account segmentation
  • Portfolio and account prioritization capabilities
  • Maximum cost control settings
  • Back-end analytics platform
  • Return on investment and performance metrics reporting
  • Multi-layer authentication and secure protocols

LocateSmarter will be available to credit issuers, healthcare facilities, utility companies, banks, law firms, collection agencies, debt buyers and more.

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