LogBar Inc, Introduces The Ring That Shall Rule Them All.


LogBar Inc, Introduces The Ring That Shall Rule Them All.

Logbar Inc, is Tokyo based startup who have developed a smartring that allows you to apply on any kind of technology and can be used by tracing a symbol into the air. Tracing a dollar sign for one example, could allow you to pay for coffee. Writing the words TV with the use of your finders and it will turn on the television. These are all sorts of things that the company has thought up making possible with this tech.

The Comparison Between Larger Companies and Startups.

While companies like Google and Apple are currently creating eye wear and smart watches that have a high chance in flying out of stock in hordes of millions, Logbar developing products are more niche based startup.

 “As consumers seek new ways to integrate computers into everyday life, the market for wearable technologies will jump about 14-fold in five years to $19 billion,” Hampshire, England-based wireless analysis company Juniper Research estimated in October.
“Making things has become easier,” said Benjamin Joffe, one of the managing directors for Haxlr8r, a venture fund that has helped finance all sorts of hardware startups and organizes bootcamps in places like, China, San Francisco, and Shenzhen. The time frame and cost have been shorten to a point in which most startups can be involved in the market with a brand new product in less than a year, way before larger companies can.

Tokuro Yoshida Plans and Funding.

“Logbar hasn’t accepted venture capital funding,” chief executive officer Takuro Yoshida said. The company plans to offer the ring to developers from the middle of this year. “Finger apps will allow users to make gestures triggering commands executed through devices such as smartphones,” he said.
It seems that Logbar has been financed this whole time by Yoshida’s savings, although venture compnies from various places from Japan, U.S, and Singapore have taken an interest in placing steaks, he said. Logbar is currently seeking any partnership with companies that have control on operating systems, such as Google and Apple, he said.

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  • Brian Worthington

    As soon as I saw the Logbar Ring I started imagining uses for communication impaired people, such as an audible equivalent to e.g. Makaton. My daughter has communication difficulties as she is autistic, plus she has health problems that may well need timely patient medical feedback one day. Does anyone know who would be the best person to speak to about these ideas?

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