Looken.com Launches New Application Interface, Billboards and Giveaways.


Looken.com Launches New Application Interface, Billboards and Giveaways.

Looken is an online deal engine and internet startup. It is a real-time online marketplace that is controlled by the merchant, connecting consumers with deals happening now. Looken.com offers merchants the opportunity to try the service before buying it. When the merchant sees an increase in their customer count, revenue and repeat customers, there is an option to subscribe to the premium service. The plans have a number of offers up to 50 per month, which are not included in the basic version.


They are seeing a large number of Connecticut-based merchants and user sign ups. Thanks to early adopters of their application and billboard marketing campaigns located on the 95 interstate. With the placement of their billboard, they are getting significant brand visibility and increased user registration on their website. As a result of their success, the technology startup has given away over $2,000 in prizes to Connecticut residents. Looken will continue giving away prizes to entice more people to use their application, but this is just the start of great things to come.

“We are very happy with the initial success in Connecticut and are seeing significant traffic results with our new user interface; smart, savvy shoppers are seeing the benefits of Looken and merchants are quite happy with our business model.” – According to Wesley Eder, VP of Sales of Looken.com

Multiple Sweepstakes - Cash & Gift Certificates


Looken redesigned their 1.0 user interface since the initial launch of their application. The redesign takes into consideration a responsive web design and added new software features. They separated their user interface by segmenting company, website information, user account information, enhanced ad listings, search, refinement actions, and enhanced Geo-targeting tools. The new 2.0 interface is a more streamlined GUI for standard device types; allowing smart phone and tablet users to have a stellar user experience. Users can start using the new 2.0 interface as early as today.

“I’m very pleased with our new user interface which is gaining significant traction from consumers throughout our launch areas. Looken has technology that is ahead of its time and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results to date. We are looking forward to the future of social shopping.” – According to Bill King, Chief Executive Officer of Looken.com


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