LoopWallet Is Now Available for Android Phones.


 LoopWallet Is Now Available for Android Phones.

The first smart wallet provider to deliver a solution accepted at virtually every retail point-of-sale terminal, LoopPay, has recently announced the availability of its LoopWallet application for Android at the Google Play Store. The free LoopWallet application for Android is currently significantly expands the number of consumers who will be able to store their cards on their phones and pay faster at just about anywhere they show with Loop Ready device.


The first Loop Ready device available for the Android users are to Loop Fob for a total of $39. Additional Loop Ready devices available in different forms factor will be released throughout this year. Loop is currently working with OEM’s to embed its patented technology directly into a variety of products which include smartphones and smart watches during 2015.

Since the introduction of LoopWallet back in February 2014, Android user have expressed great interest in the Loop mobile payment solution. Their expectations for Near Field communication, a technology developed for some Android phones, have not bee realized mostly due to the scarcity of retail environments accepting NFC. Without the critical mass of merchants accepting NFC or other solution from barcodes to Bluetooth, user won’t change their habits and leave their plastic cards behind.


Loop allow user to securely swipe-in or scan-in all their plastic cards, and to securely transmit mag stripe cards data directly to almost every POS system in recent times, without any changes to the merchants current infrastructure.

“Many Android users have registered on the waitlist for the Android version of the LoopWallet app. They can now download it and set up a smart wallet account to safely store and use their digital cards almost everywhere,” said Will Graylin, CEO of Loop. “Payment is not the only thing a smart wallet should do, but it is the foundation and must work at more than 80-percent of the places we shop. If not, consumers will simply continue using plastic. With Loop having solved the biggest problem facing mobile wallets to date – payment acceptance – we can now build all kinds of value-added features on that foundation to provide even smarter and safer commerce experiences for consumers, and for merchants and card issuers.”

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