Loyalty App Loyalzoo Succeeds Crowdfunding Goal in 24HRs on Seedrs.


Loyalty App Loyalzoo Succeeds Crowdfunding Goal in 24HRs on Seedrs.

Chiswick-based Loyalzoo has offered a loyalty application to independent merchants ans a replacement for traditional loyalty cards. Many big named retailed such as Starbuck have begun to rid of their loyalty cards and utilizing apps instead, but as always, small business are at risk of being left behind. Loyalzoo was created to give these small shops the same kind of technology and chance to compete with the big brands.

Small Biz.

According to Massimo Sirolla, Co-founder of the loyalty app, the application works better for small businesses then for bigger known one.

“Customers can hold all their loyalty programmes with all their favourite shops in one place. That makes a lot more sense than having an app for each shop.”

With its simplistic and tasteful design, and with minimal sign-up requirements, Loyalzoo is easy for anyone to use, whether they are busy merchants or technophobic seniors.“People are a bit taken aback at first that this is so easy,” says Sirolla, “then they love it.”

During the previous month, the recognition of its goals to change the face of Britain’s high streets. Loyalzoo was named by Everline Future 50 as one of the UK’s top most disruptive businesses.

Britian’s high streets have become more an more similar as bigger  retail chains have continued to slowly take over the shopping areas. Small businesses have struggled to survive within the face of these nonstop onslaughts. Loyalzoo hopes to disrupt these recent trend by giving small business the power to connect with their customers. It puts the very latest technology at the hands of more traditional shopping.

The Attraction.

Loyalzoo’s founders believes that the support for these small business is what has made their company so alluring, not just to small time merchants and customers alike, but to small time investors and the public in general. They believe the success of their funding campaign owe something that positiveness of the public feels for small time business shops.

 “People may shop online or at retail parks,” says Sirolla, “but their heart is with the independents. And this is not all sentimental by any means. Sure, lots of small shops are closing down, but many new ones are opening. Just look at the number of independent restaurants popping up all over the place.”

The application has began to gain popularity in not only the UK, but in places like Japan and the USA. Loyalzoo is a local application that can be utilized by small business anywhere around the globe. In this case, its a business with tremendous for investors.

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