MagicalPad Launches Advanced Mind Mapping and Visual Task Management.


MagicalPad Launches Advanced Mind Mapping and Visual Task Management.

MagicalPad has recently revealed a new version of MagicalPad for iPad, the mos significant update since the UI update. MagicalPad is the only application that combines mind maps, outline, notes, task & to-dos, checklist and more in free-form fluid layout- all on the available on the same application on the same page.


This new update comes with three major innovations to the application, while not novel by themselves, they are implemented in unique interwoven manner that makes them powerful together. Today’s release further delivers on MagicalPad’s promising of having one productivity application for organizing thoughts, notes, ideas and task in a visually appealing free-from layout. It can be used for school, personal and business needs.

MagicalPad has not mixed with four major productivity applications all in one, which makes it a unique productivity application:


Advanced Mind Mapping
MagicalPad’s advanced mind mapping tools allow more freedom in brainstorming and note taking. Users can have unlimited mind-maps and outlines on the same page and convert freely from mindmap to outline and vice versa.

Powerful Outlining
Powerful outlining capabilities allow users to structure ideas and move them around the page. With the drag/drop capabilities, users can merge and split outlines, lists and mindmap branches to prioritize and vote for the best idea in a brainstorming setting for example.

Visual Task Management
Visual task manager is a powerful task management engine that sits within outlines and mind maps enabling users to visually manage tasks like a dashboard. Any item can have icons, tags, set dates, priority and attachments.

Dedicated Task-View
Just like traditional task management apps, users can also track the same tasks in a very focused fashion. Contexts include dates, tags, notebooks, pages and more. At any time users can switch between page view and task view.

This Is Where Magic Comes From.
While these functions are powerful on their own, “the real magic comes from having them all connected in front of you on the same app on the same page,” said Bouchra Ben, Product Manager with MagicalPad.

Good for personal, school or business use.
This release also brings a load of attachment types to tasks and items including PDF, Microsoft Office, and Apple iWork document types. “Video and audio are in the plan,” said Bouchra.

The MagicalPad version for Mac shall be released during this month as it is submitted to Apple for review, according to a statement from management.

MagicalPad is a Chicago based startup championing innovative applications for visually organizing and managing information and ideas to drive structured thinking, spark creativity, and enhance innovation and effectiveness

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