Magnetic Acquisitions Retargetting Startup Cognitive Match.


Magnetic Acquisitions Retargetting Startup Cognitive Match.

Magnetic, the digital ad technology platform, has recently announced the acquisition of Cognitive Match, a dynamic create optimization and site retargeting provider. This combined solution gives the marketers the capability to apply the power of Magnetic’s search data dynamic creative.

DCO Tech.

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) technology allows brands to transform generic advertisement into relevant messages by changing the creative elements of the ad during real-time. Brands using DCO to show highly personalized advert content based on audience attributes related to their interest, environment and purchasing patterns, thus increasing the engagement and response.

“Magnetic is one of the largest aggregators of intent data, and the addition of Cognitive Match means marketers can now build an ad in real time by assembling thousands of individual elements based on product feeds, keywords, audience intent, or just the weather or location,” says James Green, CEO of Magnetic. “This acquisition combines creative optimization with our programmatic platform so that marketers can personalize ads at scale.”


Magnetic and Cognitive Match have been teaming up on campaigns for over the past two years. Cognitive Match Founder and CEO, Alex Kelleher, and his team will join up with the Magnetic team in New York, San Francisco and London, effective immediately.

“Cognitive Match as a stand-alone tool powered Fortune 500 global brands and leading agencies, and we’re excited to join forces with Magnetic,” says Alex Kelleher, Founder of Cognitive Match. “By applying intent to dynamic creative, marketers have a powerful way to deliver highly relevant messages that compel in-market consumers to take action.”

Sylvain Le Borgne, EVP Data Platforms at Havas Media Group added, “Havas has always been a pioneer in adopting real-time dynamic creative campaigns for our brand clients. A marriage between Magnetic and Cognitive Match will provide one integrated platform for engaging consumers with the right message. This will allow Havas to activate search intent and interests as part of the dynamic storytelling we are currently delivering thanks to our advanced data capacity.”

This acquisition comes along with the most of Magnetic’s recent international expansion towards London and Toronto earlier within this year.

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